Children Killed In Shooting At Russian School.

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Children Killed In Shooting At Russian School.

Children Killed In Shooting At Russian School.

Due to the gunman opening fire, seven children lost their lives; further, at least sixteen were wounded. This incident has occurred in the school, which is located in the Russian city of Kazaz. In addition to it, these details were given by the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of the country.

The state news agency RIA Novosti has detained the suspected shooter, citing a law enforcement source. Moreover, Svetlana Petrenko, an official representative of Russia’s Investigative Committee, was recited by the TASS agency, saying that an armed youth was detained after entering the school.

Along with it, Petrenko also revealed that his identity had been established. He is a resident and born in the year 2001.

Children Killed In Shooting At Russian School.

The TASS also add that two attackers were part of this incident. However, after some time, the president of Tatarstan, the head of the press service, quoted only one gunman involved and executed this incident.

In a video filmed by the viewer broadcast by Russia’s RIA news agency, two children can be seen leaping from the third floor of the four-story school number 175.

One teacher explained that “We heard the sound of explosions at the beginning of the second lesson. All the teachers locked the children in the classroom. The shooting was done on the third floor”. In addition to that, this information was quoted by the Tatar Inform, a local media outlet.

Moreover, Rustam Minnikhanov, the head of the wider Tatarstan region, called this attack the country’s tragedy and explained that there was no proof that another person was involved in this tragedy.

He explained in the video address that “we have lost seven children- four boys and three girls. We also lost a teacher, and we lost one more female staff worker.

The Russian investigating committee investigating this incident and significant crime explained in a statement that it had opened a criminal case in the shooting and that the recognition of detained assailant had been established. 

Apart from it, Kremlin explicated that Vladimir Putin, a president, gave the order to the head of the national guard to draw up tighter gun regulations. In addition to that, the guard will immediately look for the status of the weapon. It can be registered for hunting in Russia but is categorized as an assault weapon elsewhere.

The suspect was issued the permit for a Hatsan escort PS shotgun on 28 April, Alexander Khinshetin, a legalist in the lower house of parliament, wrote on social media. He did not give any other details. Further, Reuters was not able to independently confirm this.

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