Coronavirus India Update 14.05.2021

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Coronavirus India Update 14.05.2021

Coronavirus India Update 14.05.2021

A8News – The spread of Covid-19 in India is continuously griming. Each day India becomes the victim of 3 lakh coronavirus cases which is a matter of concern. This is not only the biggest problem, but India is facing one more dangerous situation. This situation is all about the discrepancy of vaccine for inoculating Indian citizens against the fight of Covid-19. 

When it comes to a high number of Coronavirus cases, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra have many patients in India. In simple words, most of the cases come from Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.  

Apart from it, Uttar Pradesh which is the populous state of India, decided to spend more than 100 billion rupees for buying the Covid-19 shots. This state government organizes the discussion with several companies like Pfizer and local partners of Russia’s vaccine Sputkin V this week. In addition to that, this information was revealed by an official on Thursday.

Coronavirus India Update 14.05.2021

When it comes to vaccines, the five percentile of the Delhi population got both vaccination doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. On the other side, only 6% of the Mumbai population got both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. In addition to that, this information indicates the slow speed of the vaccination program. 

Moreover, India has mentioned 343 144 new coronavirus cases on the last day. In addition to that, when it is a matter of death records, India has reported 4000 deaths in the previous 24 hours. India also mentioned the 4000 deaths continuously on the third day.

In addition to that, there are five following central states which reported a high number of cases.

  • Maharashtra- 42,582
  • Kerala- 39,955
  • Karnataka- 35,297
  • Tamil Nadu- 30,621
  • Andhra Pradesh-22,399

Even India got help from many countries regarding the coronavirus.

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