Early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer

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Early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer

Early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer

Community Health workers can spot possible signs of childhood cancer. They play an essential role because early diagnosis is key to saving children’s lives. Cancer can look different depending on what type it is.

The key symptoms of childhood cancer are:

  • Swelling or lumps in any part of the body
  • An unexplained fever,
  • weight loss,
  • Anaemia
  • lack of energy,
  • breathlessness,
  • easy bruising or bleeding.
  • Persistent pain in bones or joints.
  • A white spot in the eye or bulging eyeball,
  • Or a fracture not caused by significant trauma.
  • An enlarged head or headache for more than a week
  • with or without vomiting
  • and changes in walking, balance or speech.

If you are worried about any symptoms you should refer the child for specialist consultation.

Common treatments for cancer include chemotherapy, surgery and sometimes radiotherapy.

It is important to explain to the community the facts about childhood cancer.

It is not a curse caused by witchcraft. And the disease is not infectious.

This will help families seek early treatment which can save a child’s life.

The family will not feel ashamed if they are supported and given the right information.

It is a very scary time for families so it is important to be kind and reassuring.

Childhood cancer is curable. 80% of children could survive childhood cancer with early diagnosis and with the right medical treatment.

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