International chess day 2021 everything to you knows about it!

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International chess day 2021

International chess day 2021 everything to you knows about it!

International chess day 2021 Or World chess day

A8News – Undoubtedly chess does not only require strategy but deep thinking too. In this players have to think a lot and make each decision carefully. It is because one wrong decision in chess will change the whole game. Sometimes, if your competitor is losing the game but you take one wrong move then his chances of winning the game will surge.

Overall, it is an ideal game to play with your kith and kin whenever you will free. The craze of youngsters regarding chess is at its peak. Due to it on an international day, they organize the chess matches. Moving to the international chess day then it is celebrated on 20 July per year.

International chess day 2021

History of the chess:

The chess lover is always keen to gain plenty of information about the chess game either it is related to its history or to the tips and tricks. If you want to gain information about chess history then the below-mentioned information will help you.


This game was invented in the northern Indian subcontinent. In addition to it, it was the Gupta period (310-543 CE). Initially, it was known as the Chaturanga. Due to it, you will get an idea about how old this game is. Further, this game was spread to Persia. After the victory of Persia by Arabs, chess becomes an essential game, especially for the Muslim population.

After that, it gained popularity in southern Europe. Over time chess becomes an essential game mainly among the youngsters. On the other hand, right from adults to old aged people love the traditional form of chess. There are numerous tournaments organize in which chess players take part. Each tournament has a new variation that makes the game interesting.

Over the time there were several changes done in-game. In 1861, a timing mechanism was added in the game with numerous rules. When it was the time of eight summer Olympic games in Paris then FIDE was introduced. FIDE is the World Chess Foundation which was established on July 20, 1924. From that, international chess day is celebrated.

In addition, the first chess tournament was organized in London in the year 1851. The first winner of this chess tournament was the German Adolf Anderssen.

Essential information about FIDE:

The chess players are familiar with the FIDE. Even, they have a quality of knowledge about this foundation. It is basically the first institution which is the United Chess Federations of numerous countries. In addition to that, Alexander Rueb was the first president of the FIDE.

This institution adds numerous achievements in chess which grams the attention of player towards it. These achievements include defining international chess play rules, international sports, titles, and so on.

About the chess game:

Two players play the chess games with the sixteen playing pieces each. These sixteen pieces include:

  • Eight pawns
  • Two rooks
  • Two bishops
  • Two knights
  • One Queen
  • One king

All of these pieces are available in two different colors that are black and white. The main purpose of opponents is for capturing the king of opponents with strategic and effective moves.

In addition to that, you will have to think deeply and use numerous strategies to win the game. There is a number of strategies that can make you the winner of this game. Moreover, you can opt for the online mode for playing the chess game with your relatives.

In the end, you can also become a chess player with critical thinking. All you need to do is work on tips and tricks to learn how to play chess. You ack explore numerous tips and tricks on the internet.

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