Shock G, the digital underground rapper, dies at 57!

A8news > News > Shock G, the digital underground rapper, dies at 57!
Shock G, the digital underground rapper, dies at 57!

Shock G, the digital underground rapper, dies at 57!

Shock G, the digital underground rapper, dies at 57!

Shock G, the digital underground rapper, dies at 57!
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A8NewsA recent confirmation from Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office stated that the Heartthrob sensation of the underground world, Shock G or Gregory Jacob found dead in Tampa’s hotel room this Thursday!

The famous rapper and frontman of digital underground Shock G used to perform at the Regal Theater, Chicago, since the year 1992!

The music industry received a buzz after two spokespeople from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office confirmed the death of Shock G, whose body was recovered from the hotel room of Tampa on this afternoon of Thursday. Although speculations are still out for an investigation, there is no foul play as detected.

Shock G derived a lot of applaud and recognition for his creative traits in the music world! He also received fame for the casting of animated alter egos that cemented a top position in the 1990’s hip-hop history. Besides, he availed fame for the group’s Billboard Top 10 Hit “The Humpty Dance.” In another music video, his appearance with the Humpty Hump got popular due to the donned-up look with thick black glasses to the fake nose.

The big loss disheartens fans!

Shock-G’s fan also got fascinated by the latest hit known as “Sex Packet,” a debut film by the underground rapper along with “Humpty Dance.” In the year 1989, his release “Doowutchyalike” topped the charts at No.19 position on the Billboard rap chart of 1990/

After a year of that, he also got exposure to the Tupac Shakur, who worked as a dancer for the roadie group with the vocals along. And interestingly, they got recognition for the “Same Song” on the EP.

The achievement list of this rapper Shock-G continues with the debut album of the rapper known as “2Pacalypse Now,” released in 1991. And in the year 1993, “I Get Around” further added up to solidify the frame of Shakur.

During the same time, another full-length album of this rockstar, “Sons of the P,” came out in 1991 but went less successful. The latest hit of the group with a live recording came up in 2008.

An influential Music sensation for the world finished his era!

Shock G’s death came as heartbreak to his fans globally as he did work with Dr. Dre, Bobby Brown, and Prince for recording and touring along with muse George Clinton. Social media gets flooded with the tributes and final messages for Shock-G on late Thursday and Friday morning. The hip-Hop world is going mournful this month with some big losses, such as the death of Black Rob or Rappers DMX, who also waived a final bye in their 50’s.

One of his favorite group members, Chopmaster J, released an emotional Instagram post saying that 34 years ago, a dream of a popular Hip Hop band took over the world, and Shock G aka Humpty Hump witnessed this reality!

Even on his Twitter Account, Rapper and actor Ice Cube posted that the group Digital Underground played a DOWHATCHALIKE that made him go crazy, and he also became a big fan of Shock G.

There are chaos and disheartened fans sharing ombre messages expressing deep grief for the biggest losses of the industry. Rest In Peace, Shock G!

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