What Are The Welfare World And Health Organizations?

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What Are The Welfare World And Health Organizations?

What Are The Welfare World And Health Organizations?

The welfare world and health organizations are mainly compassionate, non-sectarian trust. It is also named the WWHO. It works on changing lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of the hard-working staff. This trust also has volunteered to deliver sustainable excellent health services to the masses. They provide health-related services to the poor and those masses who need these services.

In addition to that, this trust works in the numerous areas of Health, Child Labor Welfare, Education, Social Empowerment, Research, and Survey Sectors spread across India and on the different international locations. In addition to that, luckily, the welfare world and health organization established numerous projects with great success. Moreover, these projects are based on Health, Livelihood, and Women Empowerment.

What Are The Welfare World And Health Organizations?
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In addition to that, this organization was involved in numerous capacity-building activities and community mobilizations on several issues. It has a team of efficient staff and innumerable donors who work with vast dedications. Along with it, they have several associates, mainly the villagers, CBOs, Government, donor agencies, Media, and Colleagues, that enhance life quality. Their main motive is to offer health care to different areas that include:

  • Rural
  • Semi-Rural
  • Resettlement colonies
  • Slum and Squatter settlements.

This organization works in Bihar for the last ten years with particular missions. Its mission is to facilitate the utilization of resources lying within the community.

In addition to it, they also work on arranging the emergency VAN or ambulances for the victims of road accidents, pregnant ladies to shift them to nearer hospitals. Not only this, but they also guide old masses regarding any emergency. Moreover, their main motive is to cooperate with the foreign and Indian exercise and organization, which is the same as the national to international, promoting socio, legal, economic development, communal harmony, national interrogation, and brotherhood.

Moreover, they also provide and promote health education activities related to TB, HIV, AIDS, detection facilities in the rural, urban, slums, tribal areas. They organize the camp got motivating the masses for the donation of blood, blood transplantation unit, and to avoid and control blindness, contract surgery, eye health education and care, operational research, to establish the allopathic, ayurvedic, yoga, new hospital dispensaries in rural, medical care facilities, and urban tribal areas for providing the enhanced medical services to the people.

This organization works on providing the knowledge and best services to the impoverished masses. They organize the various camps and offer ample facilities to needy masses. They lighten up the different topics on which masses will have to gather the knowledge. In addition to that, this organization works on promoting the various blood donation camps. Not only this, but they offer free-of-cost medical facilities, blankets, clothes, cycles, blazers, books, and other essential things to the masses who live in slum areas.

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