What Health Facilities Is The Government Giving To You?

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What Health Facilities Is The Government Giving To You?

What Health Facilities Is The Government Giving To You?

The government divides the health facilities into three significant categories, mainly for the care of Covid-19 patients. For ensuring the proper facilities for the Coronavirus patients, the Union Health Minister classified the health facilities into three major categories. These categories include COVID care center, Dedicated Covid Health Centre, and Dedicated COVID hospital.

In addition to that, these facilities will separate the areas mainly for the suspected cases and confirmed cases. They also ensure the capacity of beds utilized for the moderate to severe cases of the infection, as said in the document. It said, “Series of measures have been taken by both the central and state governments to break the chain of transmission. One among these is to isolate all the suspect and confirmed cases of Covid-19”.

Apart from it, the ministry said that “However, as the number of cases increases, it would be important to appropriately prepare the health systems and use the existing resources judicially.” In addition to that, the document mentioned that the present data in India suggest that approximately 70% of cases are affected by the infection; either they have mild symptoms or have very mild symptoms. These kinds of issues may not need admission to the block of Covid-19 or in the dedicated Covid-19 hospitals.

What Health Facilities Is The Government Giving To You?
Health Facilities

Moreover, the COVID care centers will offer care only for those cases which have been assigned clinically. They have the mild or very mild or as the suspect cases as per the document. In addition to that, the document said that “these centers can be makeshift facilities and can be set up in hostels, hotels, lodges, and among the other places both public and private.

If there is a need, then the existing quarantine facilities can also be converted into the COVID care centers, SOP. It is also mentioned in the document. In addition to that, the term SOP stands for standard operating procedures.

The hospitals like community health centers are categorized into functional hospitals, which can consider the non-COVID cases categorized as the COVID care centers as per the last report. This important non-covid medical service, such as for pregnant women and newborn babies, is to be maintained. Each dedicated COVID care center should have the facility of BLSA. The term BLSA is used for the basic life support ambulance. It includes proper oxygen support from dawn to dusk, which ensures you about the safe transport of case to dedicated higher facilities, mainly if the symptoms progress from mild to moderate.

Apart from it, private hospitals can also be categorized as the COVID Dedicated health centers.  When it comes to the urban areas, then the civil or general hospitals, urban CHCs, and Municipal hospitals can be considered fever clinics.

Moreover, it mentioned that “there is a requirement that states and unions have been asked to identify hospitals with the dedicated and separate space and establish the fever clinics that can be found in the CHCs, in village or rural areas.  

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